Starr Permits will get you through your feasibility period - giving you the knowledge you need to purchase that property with peace of mind.


Starr Permits handles all aspects of construction permitting. From the pre-application meeting until the building permit is issued - Starr Permits can do it all.


Today's codes and environmental regulations require a substantial amount of research.  It is important to understand and plan projects steps and requirements. Each step is vital to the success of the permitting process.  

Step 1) Pre-Application Intake:  Project information is obtained and verified.  Communication with all parties involved is established.

Step 2) Research: We confirm all jurisdictional requirements and permits needed.  All necessary assessments and evaluations are performed.  Paperwork is completed.

Step 3) Review:  Before submitting to any jurisdiction we review paperwork and plans, verifying that we have all supporting documents and completed applications.

Step 4)  Submittal: The client receives same day submittal reports - always.  

Step 5) Continuing Communication: We are in continuous contact with the county/city we have submitted our applications to; constantly pushing our project forward to obtain approval.  We are also reporting weekly to our clients; keeping them up to date on the status of our permit applications.  


“Starr Permits has the record for the fastest shorelines exemption we’ve ever seen. They’ll do all of our permits from now on”
— Scott Sprague, Accumar Corporation

Areas of Expertise:

  • ALL Commercial & Residential Permitting
  • Shorelines - Substantial Development & Shoreline Exemptions
  • Building Permits - Commercial & Residential
  • Army Corps of Engineers 
  • SEPA
  • Critical Areas
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife - HPA
  • Biological, Geotechnical, and Archeological Assessments
  • Mitigation
  • Variance
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